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Fishing Report

August 18, 2014

Fishing Report, 10/06/2014

Dear readers,

We are glad to inform, Loreto is 100% on operations and recovered for days ago, we are ready to give

the best service in an exotic paradise.

About Fishing: is not bad,  

Some Dorado around the islands and the coast, being honest is the last of this season; it has been known there are more on the Pacific side.

What we had all year was Yellowtail, and now is when we are fishing more, can be found it about 30 miles from Loreto, boats are catching 2 to 3 per person approximately, about 20o 30 pounds, good bottom fishing.

About weather:

These last few days have been a little less warm and a little windier.

This next Sunday and Monday we will have the passage of a tropical storm, which will bring us more rain and no complications.

The creeks are full of water, it is a good time to go hiking into the mountains.

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Thanks to Arturo`s Sport Fishing for sharing fishing report.